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Landscape Gardening in Oxford and Witney

Above - Planting with Stipa gigantea , Crocosmia Lucifer, and Verbena bonariensis creates a modern cottage garden effect.


Wildlife & the environment

Our main ethos is to design, build and maintain gardens in an environmentally friendly manner, and wherever possible to enhance the environment to encourage wildlife.

This has developed to cover all kinds of gardening, garden design and landscaping for our clients in Oxford, Witney and the surrounding areas:

  • formal gardens,
  • child friendly gardens and
  • low maintenance gardens.


Tortoiseshell Butterflies On Ice Plant
Above - tortoiseshell butterflies on ice plant.

Snake's Head Fritillary And Stipa Tenuissima
Above - Snake's head fritillary and Stipa tenuissima

Vibrant Colour Scheme For Autumn Colour

Above - Vibrant colour scheme for autumn colour.



Above - Landscaped garden with sunshade