At this time of the year the garden can be dull and uninspiring. By far the easiest way to inject some colour and interest into the dull January day is by attracting birds into the garden. Go Wild Landscapes recommends various ways to attract wildlife to the garden:

Feed the birds in the traditional way. The kind of food you use as well as the location of the garden will determine the species of birds that visit. A mixture of different food is best. Above Goldfinches are attracted by sunflower hearts and Nyjer seed.

However planning ahead and planting the right trees and shrubs can provide natural food whilst having the added bonus of coloured berries.

Go Wild Landscapes LTD recommends Rowan(Sorbus aucuparia) a small tree which attracts Fieldfares and Redwings in Autumn.

Spectacular winter waxwings can be encouraged with Crataegeus (Hawthorn ) species.

Go Wild Landscapes often incorporates thistle like plants such as these teasels which offer natural food for Goldfinches:

Plan your garden now for winter colour and interest next year:

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