The design process usually begins with a free visit to your garden, during which we can discuss the possibilities of the site and your desires for your garden. Walking around your garden together, we can help identify your priorities. For instance, are you already a keen gardener or would you rather have something low maintenance?

Our first talk with you should last around an hour to 45 minutes. Practical considerations such as sheds, barbecues, ponds or water features, seating areas, lawns and planting will be discussed along with more visual elements such as the “flow” of the garden. We will make notes, take photographs and measure up the key dimensions.


When we survey your garden we will take a look its layout and discuss with you all of the priorities and considerations, which may include aspects such as:

  • Making the garden feel larger. This can be achieved using focal points and applying illusions of perspective.
  • Using natural features to screen perimeters such as fences or walls, and providing extra privacy where necessary.
  • Whether the garden should be child-friendly.
  • Inclusion of practical aspects such as seating areas: patios or decks.
  • Where practical we may be able to use recycled and organic materials to further lessen the impact on the environment.

We can maximise the potential for wildlife visiting the garden for example using certain plant species to attract butterflies. Designing your garden to fit with the style of house and the surrounding landscape whether you have a town house or country garden.

We take all practical issues into consideration: for instance the best location, size and sub-base requirements for your patio or deck as well as the light levels and soil type needed for lawns and flower borders.

Producing a Plan

From the notes we take away from our meeting we create a detailed, hand-coloured A2 plan including identifying the plant species existing and our new recommendations. This usually takes around 2 weeks to produce. Due to the time and consideration taken creating these beautiful plans we charge a design fee, which will be discussed at our first meeting. The plan will include a covering letter which will fully explain the reasoning behind the new layout, hard landscaping and planting.

Designs are available by post for clients living miles away from Oxford. Just email us for more details.


We specialise in wild gardens with an expertly chosen mix of various plants, often using wildflowers as well as cultivated varieties combined with a few exotic species for a splash of invigorating colour. Our wild gardens incorporate nature-friendly elements to help encourage British wildlife, however, we also want your garden to be tailored to what works best for you.

We have the expertise to design in a vast array of garden styles from a traditional “country garden”, to gardens with much a more contemporary feel.

Colour combinations are an integral part of any garden; we have an expert eye to make sure contrasting and complementary colours are utilised in all our designs to maximum effect. We will ask you what your preferences are be it subtle purples, blues and whites or hot vibrant reds and yellows.

The design will also include a comprehensive, broken-down estimate of costs to put it all into action.


Once you have confirmed our plans fully represent your dream garden we will get to work. Spring and summer are our busiest times but do not forget we also work through the Winter to ensure your garden is ready for your full enjoyment in the Spring!

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