This is perhaps the most personal aspect of the design, and we have a particular style of planting which we use when clients have no other special preference.

Plants are chosen for their visual impact, be it for colour combinations, form or structure, and also for their importance to wildlife and for culinary and aromatic reasons. Trees are used as much as possible to bring all-important height to the garden.

Our designs always take into consideration the all-round interest of a garden, making sure that there are evergreens or plants of interest to entertain through the winter months. We have a good knowledge of plant requirements and take this into account when locating shade tolerant or sun loving species and also acid- and lime-hating plants.

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Garden design and landscaping in Oxford and Witney – we cover all areas of Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Bucks. Designers and Landscapers of gardens in and around Oxford since 1995.
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